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N78-000<br>XpeDater Rotary<br>Date & Time Stamp<br>1-3/16" Diameter

XpeDater Rotary
Date & Time Stamp
1-3/16" Diameter

SKU: N78-000
Your Price $88.75
Pre-Inked Rotary XpeDater Date & Time Stamp-The XpeDater prints your custom message along with the time, month,day and year. The 6-year band also prints A.M., P.M., REC'D, PAID, FAX'D, ENTR'D. This XpeDater also comes with an inked base for a permanent place on a desk or counter, and a inked cap for travel use.
Impression Dimensions: 1-3/16" diameter copy area (inside dial) 

To Adjust The Date Level: Remove the top cap and turn the dial to the desired height.

To Change the Date: Twist to open the body of the XpeDater and turn the dials to the desired date or text.

Use Xstamper Refill Ink only.

Re-Inking Instructions:
This stamp sits direct into a stamp base. To re-ink just remove the stamp from it's base and directly drop 3 to 4 drops of ink into your base.

Re-Ink your stamp overnight to allow ink to fully absorb into the stamp.